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OnePlus catches flak for ‘Ladies First’ invitation contest


OnePlus’s marketing efforts have gotten just about as much attention as the OnePlus One itself, including an invitation system and a “Smash the Past” promo that asked consumers to smash perfectly good phones for the chance to buy a OnePlus One. Today that trend of questionable marketing strategies continued with a “Ladies First” promo.

In an effort to show that “chivalry is not dead,” OnePlus announced this morning that it was kicking off a “Ladies First” contest that tasked the female members of its forum with posting images of themselves with the OnePlus logo. The other forumgoers would then vote on the images, and the top 50 vote-getters would receive an invitation to buy a OnePlus One. OnePlus also asked its “lovely ladies” to not post any nude photos.

OnePlus promptly began receiving criticism for its Ladies First contest, which objectified its female fans by asking them to share photos of themselves that would then be voted on by others. Apparently OnePlus eventually figured out the problem with the promo, as the contest has since been deleted. However, the original thread can still be viewed using Google Cache.

As I said before, OnePlus has been responsible for some, shall we say “unique,” marketing efforts in the past. This Ladies First contest takes things to another level, though, asking women to show themselves off for an invitation to buy a cellphone. OnePlus may have eventually realized that the contest was wrong and by deleting it, but it would’ve been better if the company had not launched the promo in the first place.

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