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Rumor: Verizon’s Moto X+1 set for September 25 release

Motorola Moto X

For some time now rumors have pegged the Motorola Moto X+1 as having a summer unveiling, with a release not to long afterward. Today a new rumor has found its way online thanks to Droid-Life that gives the Verizon Moto X+1 variant a release date in line with those previous rumors.

According to Droid-Life, Verizon’s new Moto X, which we’re going to continue calling the Moto X+1 for now, is slated for a September 25 release. If Motorola were to announce an event in the next couple weeks and host it anytime in the month that follows, that would give the Moto X+1 a summer unveiling and give Motorola and its partners a couple weeks or so to release the device by September 25.

Of course, this is still a rumor so nothing it set in stone, but if you wanted a specific date to start looking forward to, September 25 is it. There isn’t a staff member here at Android and Me who didn’t love the Moto X. We can’t wait to see what Motorola has in store for us with the Moto X+1.

Source: DroidLife

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