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Samsung teases Galaxy Note 4 with handwriting-focused video


Just in case you aren’t already excited for Samsung’s September 3 event at which it’s expected that we’ll see the Galaxy Note 4, the company today posted a video teaser to try and get you more hyped up.

A video titled “[Ready to Note?] Your Note for Handwriting” has been posted to Samsung Mobile’s official YouTube account. The clip highlights all of the benefits of writing stuff by hand rather than typing it out and then shows people jotting things down on their Galaxy Note smartphones using the S Pen stylus. At the end of the teaser, Samsung asks if we’re “Ready to Note?” and shows the September 3 date on which its event is taking place.

Handwriting and the S Pen have been major selling points of just about every Galaxy Note product to date, so it’s no surprise that Samsung will focus on those features with the Note 4. The question is, what kinds of goodies does Sammy have up its sleeve for its next Note? Thankfully we’ve only got a couple more weeks to wait before the answer to that question will be revealed.

How often do you Galaxy Note owners use the handwriting support on your devices?

Source: Samsung Mobile (YouTube)

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