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Verizon to launch VoLTE in coming weeks

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Smartphones may be able to do pretty much anything, but cellular phones originated for a very specific purpose: mobile voice communication. That’s funny because it’s a huge weakness of every cellphone out there. No matter what network you’re on, call quality is pretty crap these days compared to a Skype chat on a subpar Internet connection.

With the launch of LTE networks in the US, we started hearing about the magic of Voice over LTE, or VoLTE. Instead of handling voice calling the normal way – over the 2G network – voice calling will be done over the LTE data network. This provides a huge boost in call quality, thus spawning the name HD Voice.

After years of having an LTE network, Verizon has finally announced the launch of VoLTE in the next few weeks. They’re calling it Advanced Calling 1.0, which will not only include HD Voice but also video calling using the LTE network.

Your compatible device will need an over-the-air update to use HD Voice, and the recipient must also have an HD Voice-compatible device, but it’s the start of something great. The next step is getting rid of the 2G/3G hardware entirely and making LTE-only devices, though that’s even further off. What do you think of Verizon launching VoLTE? Are you excited? Leave a comment!

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Source: Verizon

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