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Google allegedly giving owners one chance to replace a broken Nexus 5

Nexus 5 White

We have some excellent news for Nexus 5 owners out there, though it comes without official proof. According to reports, Google has employed a new policy that will allow owners of the Nexus 5 to get one chance to replace a damaged phone. This means that if you happen to drop your device and shatter the display, you can get a free replacement straight from Google just one time.

This is similar to policies that both HTC and Motorola have enacted, both of which allow for a one time replacement due to damage. They each have their own limitations though, so know them before getting too careless with your device. But it looks like Google may be lenient about it and allow any sort of damage that may have occurred.

If you have a damaged Nexus 5, give the customer service line a shot and see if you can get it replaced. If so, it’ll save a lot of people a lot of money. Plus, such a policy is rare and very much appreciated (if not a little ripe for abuse). Let us know what you think of Google’s awesomeness!

Via: +Joshua D., Droid-Life

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