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Here’s where you’ll be able to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge in the US

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Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been announced a detailed, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “where can I sign up for more information on the Note 4? When is it going to be released? Who is going to sell it?” Thankfully, we have at least some of that information to share with you.

As was to be expected, every major carrier in the US and then some is going to be selling at least the Galaxy Note 4, some the Galaxy Note Edge and others official Samsung accessories as well. Here’s what we know so far:

AT&T will be selling both the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Edge. You can already find information pages for both devices on the AT&T website. Along with the two devices, AT&T will carry some of the new Samsung accessories, like the Gear VR.

Verizon will also be selling both the Note 4 and Note Edge, and they have an information signup page located here.

T-Mobile has also announced that, yep, they will also be selling the Note 4 and Note Edge. And they also have a signup page live.

Surely Sprint users won’t be left out, right? Right. The Note 4, Edge and Gear VR are all going to be available on Sprint.

US Cellular has announced it will be selling the Note 4, and has even revealed an October release.

Exact pricing and release information is still hard to come by, but you can bet around $299 on-contract and in October are good bets.

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