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Google app code reveals possible future features

Google Search

Google is a fantastic app due to the included Google Now functionality, a feature many people have become reliant on. It offers information when you need it often without you having to even ask. And with every update, the app gets better. However, Google engineers usually hide indications of future features in the code, and Android Police has ripped apart the APK to find any traces of them.

The first feature is already live, and it aims to keep you in your current app when using voice commands. Instead of taking you to Google Now when you say “OK Google,” it will pop up an overlay. Very useful! Other tidbits found in the code including more than one reference to power toggles, some code for the addition of social network posting (finally!), some code for notifications to be read through a headset, and more.

While there’s nothing too exciting found in the code of Google Search, the social network posting would be a very welcome addition. Hopefully we’ll see these changes fully implemented soon, as what was found was just tidbits of code, nothing finished. If you want more detail, hit the source link!

Source: Android Police

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