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Angry Birds 2 finally released for Android

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds has gone through a lot of games, but surprisingly, they were all spinoffs of the original. Whether it was in space, in the tropics, or in the Star Wars universe, technically they were all versions of the first game. There hasn’t been a sequel to the┬ápopular game until now.

Angry Birds 2 is finally available for download! It’s very similar to the original game, but with improvements and added features. It’s the same old bird tossing mechanic but now you get to choose your birds, use special spells, knock down multiple stages at once, and even fight boss pigs. Rovio also added competitive multiplayer in the form of arenas, though it seems that’s more battling for score than each other.

In all honesty, the original game was great and lots of fun. Yes, it got old, but that’s why waiting to release the sequel was probably a good idea. Now that people haven’t been assaulted with Angry Birds everywhere they go, maybe they’ll give it another go. The initial reviews are positive, so go check it out!


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