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AT&T to demand Android phones feature FM radios by 2016

image AT&T announcing

Most Android smartphones contain a hardware FM radio receiver that’s bundled with radios such as Bluetooth and WiFi. But for the US market, they’re often disabled. It’s been the case many times where the international version of a device had an FM radio but the US version didn’t. AT&T is going to fix that.

The carrier is requesting that all Android devices in its lineup feature a functioning FM radio by 2016. Music streaming services with tailored online radio stations are dominating and radio isn’t exactly people’s choice in music listening these days, but it could be critical in a disaster, where FM radio might be your only source of news when cellular and TV networks are down.

In the end, it’s an extra addition that won’t hurt but may help, so good on AT&T. What are your thoughts on this story? Leave a comment!

Source: Phonescoop

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