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New Moto X won’t come to carrier stores, but Droid versions may


The newly announced Moto X Style, or Pure Edition here in the States, is an awesome device I’m very excited to try and maybe even purchase. But it won’t be available in carrier stores, only unlocked for all four carriers. But Motorola may be working on some carrier versions, according to a few sources.

According to @evleaks, Motorola’s working on both a MAXX 2 and a Turbo 2. These would likely be coming to Verizon under the Droid name, boasting similar specs to the top tier Moto X. Motorola design head Jim Wicks claims that the Droid series will continue, so it’s likely this will happen.

Hellomotohk has also released a few photos of what they claim is a 2015 Droid model. There looks to be wireless charging included, but not much else can be said.

Source: @evleaks, PCMag, Hellomotohk

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