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OnePlus 2 invite system surpasses 1 million reservations


It looks like the OnePlus 2 is getting really popular. OnePlus is once again bringing out its invite system, and the reservation list has now surpassed 1 million sign ups. This means over one million people are waiting for an invite from the company, which is some serious social popularity.

During the OnePlus One invite days, OnePlus kept delaying the device and only releasing it in limited quantities. The production on the device was way too low and OnePlus simply couldn’t handle the demand. This time around the company claims it’s taking estimated demand into account, but demand is getting pretty crazy.

Hopefully this time around there will be enough OnePlus 2s to go around. For now, we’ll wait for the invites to start going out. Are you on the list?

Source: OnePlus

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