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Blackberry teases more PRIV specs

Blackberry PRIV

The BlackBerry PRIV might not be the most exciting device of the year, but it’s definitely intriguing. I’m personally very interested in it, as I’m one of those that dearly misses physical keyboards on phones.

BlackBerry has decided to tease a few more specs to get people interested in the device. The battery is going to be 3,410mAh, which is pretty good. The display will be 5.4 inches and curved on both sides, the camera will be certified by Schneider-Kreuznach, the device will feature DTEK by BlackBerry as a privacy warning system, and the sliding mechanism is called SmartSlide.

It isn’t much information, but the device looks like it’s going to be solid. I can’t help but like it. What do you think of the device? Will people flock to buy an Android smartphone with a BlackBerry keyboard, or will it be the companies final flop?

Source: BlackBerry Blog

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