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SwiftKey releases first keyboard with neural network word predictions

SwiftKey Neural Alpha

SwiftKey pioneered predictive keyboards (and still does it best, in my opinion), but the company won’t stop there. It has released experimental keyboards before, but the latest is more than just a minor experiment. It’s called SwiftKey Neural Alpha, and it’s the first keyboard to use a neural network for word predictions.

While the details are fairly complicated, neural networks don’t just learn from existing patterns, but form an understanding of words and sentences. Do you ever notice SwiftKey suggesting a word that could go after the word you just typed but simply doesn’t fit into the sentence? Neural Alpha aims to fix that.

If you want more information on the processes behind the keyboard, head over to the SwiftKey Blog to learn more! And hit the source link to give it a shot for yourself. Don’t worry, you can change the theme from purple to regular old SwiftKey carbon.

Via: SwiftKey Blog

Source: Google Play: SwiftKey Neural Alpha

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