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Yahoo strikes deal with Google for use of search services and ads


I think most of us can agree that Google is the best search engine out there. Results are often really accurate, even if your query is quite stupid (I don’t know how Google understands some of the things I search!). And soon, Yahoo might be just as good.

No, Yahoo isn’t beefing up its own search algorithms; it’s actually using Google’s. The two struck a deal that allows Yahoo to use Google’s search services, both text and image, for its desktop and mobile sites. Part of the deal is that Google will display its own ads on Yahoo.

Interestingly, this deal isn’t exclusive, and Yahoo has a similar one with Microsoft for Bing services. And which service it uses for each search is up to Yahoo, as Google won’t control how or how often Yahoo uses its services.

Hopefully this means an improved search experience for Yahoo users.

Via: Android Central

Source: SEC

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