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Moto 360 V1 and Sony Smartwatch 3 no longer being sold on Google Store

Moto 360 Dark Side of the Moon watch face

The first gen Moto 360 was the first smartwatch a lot of people were genuinely in love with. The thin metal body, the round display, and the sheer elegance of it (for a smartwatch anyway) won a lot of people over even when the specs were borderline disappointing. Unfortunately, the Google Store has finally killed it off, along with the Sony Smartwatch 3.

It’s entirely expected for these older devices to be removed from the Google Store. The second generation Moto 360 has long been up for sale and is a worthy upgrade over the aging first gen. Plus, you can get the first gen for a lower price elsewhere. The Sony Smartwatch 3 never got a successor though, so it’s a shame to see it go.

Via: Android Police
Source: Moto 360, Sony Smartwatch 3

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