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New Android ad ‘Monotune’ touts the benefits of individuality

Google’s latest Android ad is called “Monotone,” and it’s a comparison of a musical piece played on a regular piano and a piano modified so that every key plays middle C. It’s an interesting ad, showing that it’s better to be “together and different” rather than all the same.

It’s likely taking shots at iPhone users, who all use the same phones. Android, on the other hand, has a huge variety of different phones from different manufacturers that run the same software and are all compatible with each other (for the most part). It’s a clever ad. What do you think of this video? Leave a comment!

Dima Aryeh is a Russian obsessed with all things tech. He does photography, is an avid phone modder (who uses an AT&T Galaxy Note II), a heavy gamer (both PC and 360), and an aspiring home mechanic. He is also an avid fan of music, especially power metal.

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