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Picasa officially shutting down on May 1


Google’s Picasa photo service will soon be no more, as the company has decided to focus on Google Photos instead of working on both. The service will officially be shut down on May 1, while support for the desktop app will end March 15.

Thankfully, your data won’t be lost. Google is making a way for people to continue accessing old data, including tags and comments, for those who don’t want to use Google Photos. Users won’t be able to add or edit anything, but giving┬áthem access to old data is a great move by Google.

If you want to move from Picasa to Google Photos, all of your photos and videos will already be there. There’s no need to move everything over. Google Photos is a pretty nice service, so at least give it a shot.

How many of you still use Picasa?

Source: Google Photos Blog

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