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Samsung discusses improvements in its Marshmallow update, like Cross App and Samsung Internet 4.0

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The Android 6.0 Marshmallow has a lot of improvements as it is. In stock form you get great features like Doze mode, customizable permissions, enhanced volume controls, Google Now on Tap, control over external storage, and much more. It’s a really nice update.

Samsung took the liberty of discussing its own improvements made to Marshmallow for its Galaxy devices. The first is Samsung Internet 4.0, which adds a fingerprint protected “Secret Mode” that allows you to browse the internet and not leave a trace for those without your fingerprint. Saving passwords is done with fingerprints for extra security.

There’s also the addition of Cross App, which allows the use of apps within apps. The Messaging app now has a pop-up gallery that allows you to attach photos without leaving the app. It even has a mini camera to take photos on the fly. This is something Google Messenger has been doing for ages, but Samsung has also added a built-in browser that can be minimized to answer messages.

In the end, the addition of such features benefits Galaxy device owners. When this update will be rolling out to people is a different issue. A few devices are already getting it, but it might be a while before more start receiving the update. What do you guys think of these new features? Leave a comment!

Source: Samsung

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