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Sprint brings back two-year contracts

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Falling in line with the other three big carriers, Sprint recently got rid of two-year contracts. It’s been the direction US carriers have been headed in for a while now, with T-Mobile dropping contracts first. Installment plans are the new contract, but it gives people just a bit more freedom to move between carriers.

However, Sprint is officially bringing back two-year contracts. The company claims it wants to give customers more choices. Sprint now offers a phone lease, a monthly installment plan that we’re all used to, a contract, or full retail price for a phone. To be fair, more choices is rarely a bad thing, and this move isn’t really going to hurt Sprint in any obvious way.

Now Sprint can brag about being the only carrier of the big four to offer contracts to all of its customers. What do you guys think of this decision? Do people still want contracts, or is this just a useless move by Sprint? Leave a comment!

Source: Fierce Wireless

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