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Google likely killing the physical Wallet Card


The physical Google Wallet Card was an awesome idea. It’s a regular card like your debit card, but it’s filled using the Google Wallet app. You can use it for purchases without fees, and if it’s out of money, you pull out your phone and refill it. I always kept it empty and in my car in case of emergencies where I left my wallet at home and have no cash.

Unfortunately, it seems that the physical Wallet Card is being killed off. Deep inside the latest version of Google Wallet, Android Police found text saying the card program will be shut down on June 30. And on May 1, people will no longer be able to activate new cards or add balance to their current cards.

While this news isn’t exactly official, it’s likely true as the text was found in an official Google APK. And it’s not like Google doesn’t know people look for this stuff. It’s unfortunate news though. How many of you still use your physical Google Wallet Card?

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