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Google OnHub routers get speed history, automatic band steering

Google OnHub router

Google’s OnHub routers are a wonderful improvement over the complicated, bug-prone routers we’re all used to. But they’re also limited, missing¬†features that other high-end routers offer. Thankfully, Google often updates the OnHub routers and corresponding app with new features.

The latest update brings a history of your internet speeds. The router tests your speeds every few days and will now give you an average speed over 60 days, and you can see the individual test results if you’d like. It’s a useful diagnostic tool.

The other improvement is called automatic band steering. The router will automatically connect devices to the faster band, either 2.4GHz or 5GHz, rather than a device being stuck on a slower band.

The OnHub routers are just getting better as time goes on, and though they’re expensive, they’re worth the cost. How many of you own one?

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