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Nexus Player no longer available on the Google Store


The Nexus Player has enjoyed a year and a half of life, and will enjoy more living in many homes as a media center for the living room or bedroom. However, Google seems to have discontinued the device, signaling the end of its retail life.

And as with many Nexus devices, its death is a depressingly quiet one. The Nexus Player is suddenly gone from the Google Store, as well as out of stock or simply missing from Google’s retail partners. There was no announcement, just silence.

This doesn’t mean support has dried up though. Many older Nexus devices that are off the market still get updates, so the Nexus Player isn’t entirely dead. But if you want to pick one up, you’ll have to look to alternate sources. Or you can choose from many similar products, like the NVIDIA Shield TV. RIP, Nexus Player.

Source: Google

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