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Get an unlocked AT&T BlackBerry Priv for under $300


The BlackBerry Priv is definitely an interesting device, a mix of traditional BlackBerry (including that wonderful keyboard) and a modern Android smartphone. With a 5.4-inch Samsung edge display, 18MP camera, 32GB of memory, and a 3410 mAh battery, it’s pretty high end.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the success that BlackBerry and AT&T hoped it would be. But one carrier’sĀ failure is another man’s deal. EBay currently has the Priv available for $299.99. It’s the AT&T model but it comes with an unlock code, so you can travel abroad with it. It’s brand new and retains factory warranty.

For the price, you’re getting some killer hardware. Plus you’re getting BlackBerry security and support, which is a plus. Updates may not be fast, but the unbranded model already has Marshmallow. Hit the source link to take advantage of this deal!

Source: eBay

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