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Samsung considering moving all products to Tizen in the future

Samsung Galaxy S7 logo

It’s no surprise that Samsung is aiming to use its own ecosystem rather than Google’s. Samsung used Android to boost itself to the top of the market, competing with Apple and leaving every other brand behind (at least in the US). The company has its own Android skin, its own apps that can replace Google’s, its own app store, and its own services.

Samsung also has everything to break its reliance with Google, even its own operating system. The company has tested Tizen’s popularity, and it sold 64 million Tizen devices in India in Q1 2016.

While we enthusiasts buy Android phones for the software, many people won’t even know the difference if Tizen is supported well enough. And with its own proprietary ecosystem, Samsung will become more profitable and more in control of its devices. You know, much like Apple.

While there’s no official information or date on when the switch will be happening, we may lose Android-based Samsung phones sometime in the future. Not only will this be a blow to Android enthusiasts, it might be a big blow to Android as a whole.

Would you still buy Samsung devices if they were powered by Tizen? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Korea Times

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