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Sony removes Small Apps feature from Xperia X series


Sony’s Small Apps was a feature that allowed select few apps to float above the current app, much like Samsung has done on some of its devices. This allowed you to use some functions, like a calculator, on the fly. Unfortunately, it seems that the feature is no more.

The new Sony Xperia X series¬†lacks this feature entirely, and Sony has confirmed that this is not a mistake. The company is blaming it on Google, though there are no details given on how it’s Google’s fault in any way.

Maybe Google’s rules for Marshmallow don’t allow for the Small Apps feature to function exactly as it did before, and Sony was too busy or lazy to rework the feature. The same thing happened to STAMINA mode, which made a return eventually. Maybe Small Apps will do the same. How many of you used this feature regularly? Do you want to see it make a comeback? Leave a comment!

Source: Xperia Blog

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