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FreedomPop offering free mobile plan with unlimited WhatsApp usage


FreedomPop is known for offering extremely limited but free cell service for those who don’t use their phones much. You can’t argue with free! Today the company unveiled a new plan, and it’s far more useful than the previous ones.

The new plan offers 200MB of data and 100 minutes of calls for free. This is less than the regular plan, which offers 500MB/200 minutes/200 texts, but has the big benefit of unlimited WhatsApp use.

WhatsApp can do both calls and texts, and if all your friends and family use WhatsApp, this can save you a huge amount of money. And of course, you can pay extra for more minutes and data if you need them, but a free plan like this could be great.

There is the concern of net neutrality. This is something to think about. Just because it’s beneficial to the customer doesn’t mean it isn’t against net neutrality. But many will ignore this, as the deal might be too good to pass up.

If you’re interested, hit the source link to get yourself a FreedomPop WhatsApp SIM card and let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: FreedomPop

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