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Google OnHub turns one, celebrates with partnership with Philips Hue

Google OnHub router

Google OnHub was released a whole year ago. If you’re unaware, Google partners with manufacturers to create OnHub routers that are made to be as simple and easy to use. There are no complicated menus or setups, just a simple app and powerful, mostly maintenance-free hardware.

To celebrate OnHub’s one-year anniversary, Google has partnered with Philips Lighting to allow the control of Philips Hue lights directly from the network. Once on the network, You can go to “On.Here” in your browser and control the lights without any special apps. This means that guests can take control if you allow it. 

Not only is it a neat feature, it means you don’t need any apps and can control from any device with a browser. It’s definitely a useful addition.

Source: Google Blog

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