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Honor announces at least 24 months of software support for this year’s devices

Huawei Honor 8

With the announcement of the new Honor 8, some were wondering if a brand many in the U.S. don’t know can keep up with software updates. Now the company has pledged future software support for the device and other devices for at least 24 months.

Devices will get at least one update every three months for the first year, then updates as necessary for at least another year after its launch. This includes both new versions of Android as well as security fixes. And while updates after that aren’t guaranteed, the company can update devices further if future security threats arrive.

While it’s no monthly security update that Google does, this is a big step towards good security for those who keep their phones longer than some of us enthusiasts do. What do you think of Honor’s commitment to updates? Will this encourage you to pick up one of its devices? Leave a comment!

Source: +Taylor Wimberly

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