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Action Launcher 3 updated, includes launcher shortcuts from Android 7.1

Action Launcher 3 is getting yet another feature from the leaked Pixel Launcher, and this time it’s swipe shortcuts for some Google apps. Swiping an icon causes a menu to open with shortcuts to specific areas of the app, like certain tabs.

The feature is a great way to get to a specific part of the app with one swipe and one click, or swiping without letting go. This comes as an addition to other features from the Pixel Launcher like swiping the dock for the app list, round icons, and more.

If you own Action Launcher 3, head to the Play Store to update it and check out the new features! If not, hit the source link if you’re interested in checking it out. This way you won’t have to deal with leaked launchers or wait for the official Android 7.1 update.

Via: Android Central

Source: Google Play: Action Launcher 3

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