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LG is sticking with modular design despite more traditional V20


The LG G5 featured a modular design that lets you swap out the bottom section of the device for other modules, like a camera grip or a higher-end DAC. Unfortunately, the G5 did quite poorly in the market, causing LG to post a six percent year-over-year decline in Q2.

Then came the LG V20, freshly announced last night. It features none of the modular features of the G5, opting for a very basic design that may have given some the impression that LG was shying away from modular design.

Fortunately, that’s not the case.  LG spokesman Ken Hong says that the V20 was already being designed when the G5 launched, so the lack of modular features has nothing to do with the G5′s lack of success. This means that there’s a future for modular design for LG, which is good. While the G5′s modules weren’t great, we can hope that the G6 will be better.

Source: CNET

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