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Samsung announces availability of replacement Galaxy Note 7s, tool to check if your device is recalled


In the wake of the official Galaxy Note 7 recall, Samsung has a serious problem on its hands. The Galaxy Note 7 has significant battery issues that have lead to fires and explosions in some cases, and Samsung is recalling all devices sold so far.

Thankfully, replacement stock will be arriving at retailers soon. Samsung has announced that new Galaxy Note 7s will be available at most retail locations by September 21. Considering the amount of devices recalled and the amount of new devices needed to be manufactured, that’s not a slow turnaround.

Samsung has also released a tool that will let you check if you have a defective Note 7 using its IMEI. The IMEI is available in Settings and on the box the device came in. Head over here to check out if your device needs to be replaced.

If you do need to replace it, please don’t hesitate to turn the device off and contact Samsung. Battery explosions are dangerous and the risk isn’t worth it.

Source: BusinessWire

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