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Google introduces PhotoScan app for old photos, updates to Google Photos editing


Scanning old photos typically requires a good scanner or a professional service, so most people avoid doing it. But digitizing those old photos is really important, because losing them would be tragic. Now Google has introduced a new app called PhotoScan to help you digitize those old photos.

This app will automatically detect the photo, crop it, correct for perspective, and remove glare. The photos can then be saved to Google Photos. The app is available for Android and iOS today, and it’s free and easy, so give it a shot!

Google has also announced that the Google Photos app is getting some updates. The auto enhance feature has been improved, there are 12 new filters that adjust aspects on the photo based on the photo itself using machine intelligence, and a new editor has been introduced. The new update is starting its rollout today so let us know when you get it!

Source: Google Blog

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