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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

The Galaxy S6 is a complete reinvention of the Galaxy S line for Samsung and one that many users have been clamoring for since the Galaxy S II. While Samsung rose to global smartphone dominance during this time, it was perennially criticized for the construction quality of the phones, its bloated software and some key ... Read More »

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Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 review: Not just good for the price, but really good overall

Alcatel OneTouch has managed to do what so many companies fail so terribly at in so many ways. Many companies seem to be so concerned about their phone being the next it thing with the it design that they miss the mark completely. Today’s flagship phones cost consumers upwards of $700 without a contract. With $700, you ... Read More »

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Motorola Moto E (2nd Gen.) review

Low-cost Android smartphones have almost always gotten a bad rap because of the compromises made with their processors, the quality of their screens, and more in order to achieve a low price. That’s changed recently, though, with affordable Android phones becoming increasingly attractive to shoppers on a budget. Motorola has played a large role in ... Read More »

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Review: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 8-inch

Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet 2 8-inch is a device that falls into a crowded market, and it hasn’t received much coverage. Yet it offers a low price, powerful specs and an innovative design that sets it apart from many others on the market. So how does it compare to other devices and what gives it an edge against ... Read More »

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