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Review: Minute

With the wealth of video content online these days, it has become increasingly difficult to find the time to consume it all. You could spend hours watching videos across social media sites and in mobile apps and still only scratch the surface of the day’s popular video offerings before tomorrow rolls around and brings with it ... Read More »

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Review: ES File Explorer

Most modern Android devices feature a file manger these days and, although basic, they can usually do a decent job in allowing you to move around, share, delete and generally keep a handle on your on-board files.

However, third-party file managers can come in handy with functionality that can not only supplant the default option ... Read More »

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Review: Live in Five by AVerMedia

Being able to broadcast live on the internet is nothing new, but a new crop of streaming apps (and the fact our internet connections are getting faster all the time), have meant that there has been something of a resurgence in live video in recent months.

Live streaming your life (or ‘life-streaming’ if that’s your ... Read More »

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Review: Hello Pal – Talk to the World

Mobile devices have proved to be excellent devices to learn a new language, especially on the go. Always with you, always connected to the internet, our phones have become more valuable as educational resources than any language learning guide or pocket phrasebook ever was.

However, learning a language — and, crucially, remaining motivated to continue ... Read More »

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Review: What’s in Town

I love travelling, discovering new places and even finding out more about the city I live in. If I’m heading to somewhere new, I’ll usually search for some things to check out while there, generally ending up on a TripAdvisor top ten list or some local tourism site. There are tons of travel guide and review ... Read More »

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Review: VIPole Secure Messenger

As we move much of our day-to-day computing to the devices in our pockets, we find ourselves dealing with more sensitive information on these miniature computers. Because of this, it’s increasingly important to think about how you secure the data on your smartphone in case it falls into the wrong hands. If you’re using your ... Read More »

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Review: DU Speed Booster

If you’re a heavy smartphone user (and because you’re reading Android and Me, I’m going to assume your usage is just as heavy as ours), you’ve probably experienced a general slowing down of your device at some point.

The more apps you load up and use, the more junk files and caches store up on ... Read More »

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Review: DU Battery Saver

As we begin to move more and more of our day-to-day computing to our smartphones — from calls, texts, emails, social networking, to web browsing, gaming and ‘real work’ productivity — and as our smartphones get more technologically advanced — with multiple core processors, UHD screens, LTE and NFC chips and more — it has ... Read More »

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Review: Enpass Password Manager

How many online services are you signed up for? How many times do you have to dream up a novel password for a new account? We all know that it’s not good to use the same password across different apps and websites, but it’s a hassle thinking of new passwords for each service and even more ... Read More »

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