• imdiane

    I didn’t even realize Dell WAS in the mobile business. With actors such as HTC, Samsung, Sony and LG.. It’s hard to be a big piece of the pie.

    DELL should just focus on making awesome computers and not waste their great resources.

    • http://ArtisticAbode.com BetterWithRoot

      Dell was actually the first with a larger devices that we are now seeing. The Dell Streak 5 & 7. Back then it was too big. Funny how time has changed. Of course now with the bigger devices they have the screen resolution to help back up the size.

      The Dell Streak 5 had a 800×480 resolution and ran 2.2 with a 1 ghz proc.

      • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

        I was just thinking about this when those (ridiculous) rumors about the Note III having a 6.3″ screen. :-P

  • kookeetree

    O_o What the world. Dell made smartphones? lol. I have never seen any kind of Dell smartphone advertisements or news.