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Grain Audio Packable Wireless Speaker review

Before we start, you should know that I don’t have much of a fondness for expensive speakers. In my experience, expensive speakers are either mediocre and are priced based on name, or are awful and are priced based on features and gimmicks that I would consider useless. Hence my strong dislike for the original Jambox.

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Grain Audio Packable Wireless Speaker 1

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Blackphone 2 will support Android for Work when it launches in September, more companies on board too

Back in March of this year, Silent Circle officially unveiled the Blackphone 2, a souped-up version of the original device that still focuses primarily on security and encryption.

Now Silent Circle has another announcement to make: The Blackphone 2, when it launches later this year, will officially support Android for Work, which allows individuals ... Read More »

Blackphone 2