Sep 12 AT 2:08 PM Dima Aryeh 14 Comments

Samsung jumping in on the 64 bit processor game

With the announcement of the iPhone 5S, Apple introduced their newest mobile processor: the A7. The Apple A7 processor is special in the fact that it’s 64 bit, which is quite impressive in a mobile phone. Is it necessary? It’s arguable, since 64 bit processors come with advantages and disadvantages. However, Samsung is looking to ... Read More »

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Sep 12 AT 8:46 AM Sean Riley 26 Comments

Review: Verizon DROID MAXX

The Moto X is unquestionably the flagship device for Motorola this fall. The device is launching on virtually every carrier and is benefiting from hundreds of millions in advertising. However, the Verizon DROID line that kept Motorola in the game for the last several years lives on and is now the exclusive domain ... Read More »