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Feb 12 AT 5:01 PM Dustin Earley 23 Comments

Would a Galaxy S5 with a QHD display really be overkill?

Rumor has it that the next iteration in Samsung’s Galaxy S line of phones will come with a QHD display. Commonly referred to as “1440p,” QHD is Quad HD, or a resolution of 2560×1440. At around 5 inches, a display with a QHD resolution comes out to a pixel density of 587PPI. Considering our current ... Read More »

display-color-eyes Image via: newlow with Creative Commons
Aug 21 AT 10:16 AM Nick Sarafolean 15 Comments

LG eggs on the spec race with the world’s first 1440p display

Have you ever looked at your smartphone and said, “Man, I wish this display was 1440p.” Probably not. In fact, 1080p is extravagant to many people. But the specs race can’t be stopped, and LG has just become the first manufacturer to create a smartphone display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. To put ... Read More »


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