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Jun 01 AT 1:52 PM Sean Riley 9 Comments

Verizon’s viewdini is a curator for your mobile streaming video

So it took just a bit longer than I thought, but Android is an absolute powerhouse of mobile streaming video now and rather than having difficulty finding anything to watch the difficulty is in sifting through everything that is available to stream across all the various sources.

Enter Verizon with their viewdini app ... Read More »


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Apr 04 AT 1:11 PM Sean Riley 28 Comments

Review: Verizon DROID 4 by Motorola

Like many Android users, the original DROID was my introduction to Android and while I’ve bounced through a half dozen other devices since then I’ll always have a soft spot for the DROID line. With that said the DROID 4 has launched into a very different landscape with devices literally half its thickness available and ... Read More »