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Jan 06 AT 9:47 AM Sean Riley 44 Comments

HTC Rezound Review

The HTC Rezound is a powerhouse of a phone. While other devices in Verizon’s lineup might have garnered more attention, the Rezound (by the specs) is the best device currently available for Verizon. Do all these high-end specs actually add up to a positive experience, though?

The Rezound performed well as a phone throughout my ... Read More »

Oct 25 AT 3:30 PM Dustin Earley 37 Comments

Video: Three UK posts new Galaxy Nexus hands-on teaser

If you’re anything like me, you’re still dying to see anything and everything Galaxy Nexus that hits the web. One of the first carriers announced to carry the Galaxy Nexus, Three UK, has posted a quick hands-on teaser for the device that gives us a glimpse into just how stunning the display really is.

The ... Read More »

Galaxy Nexus Three UK

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