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Jun 06 AT 10:37 AM Nick Sarafolean 4 Comments

AT&T adds tablets to prepaid GoPhone service

Over the past year, tablets have gained a stronger footing on carriers, so much so that AT&T is doing something that’s previously unheard of. AT&T is now allowing select tablets to access its prepaid GoPhone service. Rather than signing a contract or having to pay for a traditional off-contract plan, AT&T is letting customers purchase data on a ... Read More »

Jun 05 AT 6:09 PM Nick Sarafolean 1 Comment

AT&T giving $50 Google Play credit when you buy a phone or tablet

If you’ve been contemplating a new device on AT&T, there’s a new offer that could push you over the edge. For an undisclosed amount of time, AT&T is offering $50 in Google Play credit with any Android smartphone or tablet purchase. Per usual, you’re also required to sign into a two-year contract, but hey, it’s ... Read More »


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May 23 AT 2:11 PM Dima Aryeh 3 Comments

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active for AT&T leaks

For the longest time, we’ve been seeing hints of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active in various leaks and rumors. Though we don’t quite know what’s so special about it, we can imagine what would make it useful. Today, we finally have a full render of the device to look at and decided if we really ... Read More »