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Sep 25 AT 2:05 PM Dima Aryeh 7 Comments

Android getting Angry Birds Transformers two weeks later than iOS

It’s nearing the end of 2014. Android is dominating the smartphone market and common folk actually know what Android is. Developers are creating apps for both Android and iOS, just like it should be. But apparently, no one told Rovio this. The company is releasing Angry Birds Transformers for iOS with a 15-day exclusivity period.

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Sep 16 AT 10:28 AM Evan Selleck 1 Comment

HTC Desire 510 for Sprint launches September 19, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile a few days later

At the tail-end of August, HTC officially announced the Desire 510. While taking several design cues from the other Desire-branded family members, the new device lacks the high-end BoomSound front-facing speakers that several other HTC devices have launched with recently. Sprint has seen fit to give the mid-range device a launch date and ... Read More »

image HTC Desire 510
Aug 09 AT 2:45 PM Nick Sarafolean 20 Comments

Android has a bright future

When you watch something for a while, you begin to notice the details of it. The small intricacies that make an object, person, place or anything, unique. Seeing all those details, you can begin to know more about what you’re watching. What it does, where it’s been and where it’s going. Six years with Android ... Read More »