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Nov 03 AT 5:40 PM Evan Selleck 4 Comments

Android distribution stats show KitKat continues to prosper

Google has updated its Android distribution stats for a 7-day period ending on November 3. For the new month, the numbers don’t reveal anything too surprising, but it’s certainly a good time for KitKat.

Google officially updated the developer page for Android to reflect the newest stats regarding Android distribution across the separate platform versions. ... Read More »

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Oct 16 AT 9:26 AM Evan Selleck 3 Comments

Google could reduce Android customization restrictions for Wear, TV and Auto in due time

When Google officially unveiled Material Design, their new design aesthetic meant to be used across the board for several different platforms, the look was consistent, familiar even when you switched from Android Auto to Android TV and looked down at your Android Wear-based smartwatch. That’s due to a general restriction on OEM customization ... Read More »

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