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Apr 13 AT 3:41 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

Huawei introduces unlocked SnapTo smartphone

In a world that’s quickly moving away from contracts, cheaper phones are becoming more popular. Though many carriers have gotten rid of contracts entirely, payment plans on phones aren’t very different and still tie you to one carrier with paying a big sum of money as the only way out. So budget phones are becoming ... Read More »

Huawei SnapTo
Apr 13 AT 12:54 PM Evan Selleck 0 Comments

Trusted Voice unlock method now rolling out to some Android devices

Unlocking a device has become far more secure over the years, evolving from PIN numbers to other methods, like a fingerprint. Android also offers other methods, including Trusted Place, Trusted Devices, and On-Body Detection, and now the list is growing again.

Google is now rolling out a new methodology for unlocking your Android smartphone, which the ... Read More »

image Android Trusted Voice unlocked

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