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Apr 25 AT 7:34 PM Taylor Wimberly 59 Comments

Why don’t more Android phones have a MAXX battery?

Talk time up to 21 hours. Watch movies 2.5x longer than you can on Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Browse 93% longer than you can on the HTC Rezound.

This week Motorola is releasing a series of videos to show how the RAZR MAXX is besting the competition. They placed the RAZR MAXX against the iPhone 4S and LG Spectrum ... Read More »


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Jan 11 AT 8:50 AM Anthony Domanico 23 Comments

Google Maps update brings better Latitude tracking, more transit options, better battery life

Lost in the hullabaloo of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show yesterday was an update to the Google Maps application that Google pushed to the masses. The latest Google Maps for Android claims to improve battery life while at the same time improving location tracking within Google Latitude, a service known for its adverse effect on battery life.

... Read More »

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Dec 19 AT 5:53 PM Dustin Earley 84 Comments

Monday Nexus news roundup

Now that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is in full effect, news on the device is dropping faster than RIM’s profits (ba-dum tsss!). If we were to cover every individual nugget of Nexus news that hits the web, your Twitter and RSS feeds would look like a green, red, yellow and blue bomb went off. And ... Read More »