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Aug 14 AT 2:31 PM Dustin Earley 16 Comments

EA’s Origin coming to Android

Today game developer EA announced that their answer to digital distribution stores, Origin, will be expanding onto more platforms in the coming year. New additions include a long awaited Android client.

In the age of the all-important ecosystem, digital storefronts are all the rage. Sucking customers in and getting them to stay is the ... Read More »

Jul 23 AT 2:24 PM Dustin Earley 65 Comments

Dead Trigger’s price change due to “unbelievably high” piracy rates

Madfinger’s decision to move their popular zombie shooter game Dead Trigger from $0.99 to free was met with both cheers and jeers. Anyone looking to download the game for free from Google Play couldn’t have been more happy. Those who had already purchased the game felt like they had been cheated, which Madfinger could ... Read More »


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Dec 06 AT 4:31 PM Dustin Earley 45 Comments

Help fund PXL now: the auto-updating gaming magazine you’ve always wanted

Magazines as we know them have reached their transition point. They’re slowly but surely making the switch to digital, but it isn’t playing out as smoothly as it could. In their current state, magazines shouldn’t just have their pages ported to digital pictures. Thanks to the Internet, writing something even a couple days before releasing ... Read More »

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