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Sep 16 AT 12:51 PM Edgar Cervantes 23 Comments

Square Enix to bring 3 games to Android, including Chrono Trigger

Hard core gamers know that, when it comes to RPGs, no game developer can beat Square Enix (previously known as Squaresoft). But Square Enix hasn’t done much for the Android platform (unless you’re a huge Crystal Defenders fan), and gamers are hoping to get some good games from the Final Fantasy creators. Maybe even Final ... Read More »


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Jun 24 AT 1:33 PM Alberto Vildosola 31 Comments

Who says Android doesn’t have any high-quality games? Cut the Rope now available exclusively through GetJar

Slowly but surely, Android is becoming a respectable gaming platform. Our favorite OS has always had a few very good games, but somehow it’s never managed to catch up with iOS in terms of quality and quantity. Nevertheless, game developers have been bringing their iOS-only games one by one to the Android platform. Games like ... Read More »