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Sep 30 AT 12:06 PM Dima Aryeh 12 Comments

First Google Play vending machines launch in Tokyo, offer apps over NFC

The Google Play Store seems like it’s a complete experience, but in reality, it’s missing a big feature. Who knew that feature was a dedicated vending machine? Google launched three vending machines designed to let people download Google Play apps, and all three are sadly in Tokyo Japan. We could have used one near Google ... Read More »

Play Store Vending Machine 1

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Mar 21 AT 3:30 PM Dustin Earley 20 Comments

Google Play 4.0 hands-on

Google has committed to the Holo design guidelines for all things Android, and is constantly working on tweaking and improving apps and services within those guidelines. One could argue that already, the next evolution of Holo is being established right before our very eyes. Post-Google Now Holo has a distinct look over the Holo introduced ... Read More »