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Apr 10 AT 3:49 PM Dima Aryeh 3 Comments

HTC One (M8) now available at AT&T, Sprint stores

Buying devices online isn’t always the best route. Not only do you have to pay for shipping and wait for your phone to come to you, but you also don’t get the opportunity to play with the handset beforehand. Going into a store and just using a phone to see if it’s right for you ... Read More »


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Apr 06 AT 2:11 PM Nick Gray 23 Comments

The HTC One (M8) Software: a Sense of Evolution

We all love Android because of its power and flexibility. Unfortunately, the flexibility aspect of Google’s mobile operating system has been contorted and misused, giving phone and tablet owners a user experience that’s bloated and unintuitive.

If we turn the clock back a few years to when Android was still learning to crawl, HTC introduced ... Read More »