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Apr 07 AT 2:38 PM Dima Aryeh 7 Comments

All models of HTC One (M8) get S-OFF, let the modding begin

For many smartphone enthusiasts, stock software is never good enough. Luckily for us, Android is all about choice and freedom. And while manufacturers often don’t follow that philosophy, sometimes we can get our way with a bit of hard work. Manufacturers haven’t been very kind to the developer community as of late, but the developers ... Read More »


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Mar 26 AT 3:16 PM Dustin Earley 7 Comments

Powered by Android is the new Intel Inside

If you asked a handful of HTC One or Galaxy S users what operating system their phone was running, I’m sure a surprising amount would tell you they have no idea. Android branding on Android powered handsets is surprisingly lacking. Especially when compared to manufacturer, carrier or even Google branding. But it looks like Google ... Read More »