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Jun 30 AT 9:13 AM Nick Sarafolean 1 Comment

Chinese LG G3 Beat could be G3 Mini

With recent flagship Android phones growing so large, nearly all of them have been accompanied a mini brother. The LG G3 could be the latest to follow this trend with a new LG device in China entitled the G3 Beat. The G3 Beat is pretty much a shrunken-down G3 with some changed specs. The biggest change comes ... Read More »

LG G3 Beat
Jun 28 AT 1:48 PM Nick Sarafolean 2 Comments

LG Chromebase now available on Amazon for $329

Google’s Chrome OS was back in the spotlight this week due to its upcoming ability to run Android apps. One of the newest Chrome OS devices is LG’s Chromebase, a low-cost Chrome OS all-in-one PC. Now, the Chromebase is on sale on Amazon for the low price of just $329, making it one of the ... Read More »

LG Chromebase

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Jun 23 AT 5:07 PM Nick Sarafolean 17 Comments

Review: LG G3

Over the years, LG has developed a reputation for creating well-specced phones that are marred by gaudy, clunky software and poor design choices. For 2014, LG took a step back to take a look at what really needed to be done to create a great flagship. It then took that information and used it to ... Read More »

LG G3 (9) (JPG, Resized)